Episode 12: Travel Man with Amber Stewart

Today, we appreciate the hell out of Paul Rudd in Travel Man (2016) with Amber Stewart. Richard Ayoade takes Paul to Helsinki for 48 hours and it is the Pure Paul Rudd Bliss that we’ve been searching for. Amber reveals yet another truth about Paul Rudd: you can dare him to do anything and he’ll always accept. Plus, we discuss Tiger Dome Island, why licorice is terrible and Larissa’s plan to kidnap the Finnish president’s dog.

Three important lessons:
+ The Richard Ayoade Fan Club works fast, and Amber will soon be ruling the world.
+ A women’s bathroom is a strange place to bring someone you’ve just met.
+ Aussies are very bold, and will double-dog dare you right off the bat.

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More Things We Talk About:
The Story of Fenriz and His Cat

Jean Sibelius – Finlandia

Jean Sibelius – Be Still My Soul

President Sauli Niinistö’s dog Lennu
“Murdoch Mysteries” — AKA “Steampunk CSI”

Jonny Harris’ “Still Standing”